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Suzuki Teachers and the Training Process

The Greenwich Suzuki Academy is extremely proud that all of our teachers are not only excellent musicians, but have undergone extensive teacher training. As Suzuki teachers, we believe in lifetime learning and we are constantly seeking to hone our craft. Most importantly our teachers are passionate about teaching!

All of our teachers are trained and Registered Suzuki teachers. Suzuki teacher training courses are very intense and cover all aspects of learning from child psychology to the important teaching points of each piece of music. There are two categories of Suzuki teacher training: long-term and short-term. Long-term training (often done in combination with a master’s degree) usually takes two years. Short term training is usually accomplished at Suzuki Institutes, which are one to two week summer programs that take place all across the world. During long-term training, teachers generally take all of the available course curriculum for their instrument, each course roughly equivalent to one book in the Suzuki literature. There are for instance 10 books for cello and violin, 9 for viola, and 11 for flute. During short-term training, teachers usually take one course, or book, at a time. All Registered Suzuki training courses must meet the requirements of the Suzuki Association of the Americas specifically for lecture hours, observation hours, and observed practical application of the skills learned.

There are many musicians that use the Suzuki books (or even claim to teach Suzuki lessons) without having had any training at all. They often don’t have the educational understanding of the literature and don’t incorporate the philosophy and the method behind the books. Teaching is a skill to be developed just like performing, and you should have a teacher that has done both at the highest level.

We are so confident of our teaching abilities at G.S.A that we challenge anyone to find a more dedicated and trained teaching staff. Come and observe our students; you will notice them playing at the highest level but more impressively, you will see how they encourage and support each other in the learning process. You’ll notice how happy they are and how much fun everyone is having while learning the right way. When you join G.S.A., you are becoming a part of much more than a music school, you are joining a devoted educational community that genuinely cares for all its’ members and is always seeking to reach higher levels both in spirit and in sound.

You may also call and schedule a free trial lesson at anytime throughout the year. You and your child are sure to love it!

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Judith Cullen Moloney
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