Room Locations

Room Locations and how to find them:
Christ Church is located at 254 E. Putnam Ave. There are parking lots on either side of the campus.

[[[[[     The Annex     ]]]]]

The Annex is the smaller building on the western side of the main circular driveway. There is parking to the right and rear of the building. Please do not park in the circular driveway.
Suzuki Room 1
Suzuki Room 2
Suzuki Room 3
The Youth Room

[[[[[     Main Church     ]]]]]

The Main Church is the most visible building from Putnam Avenue. Follow the big steeple!
[[[[[ The Church (Sanctuary) ]]]]]
[[[[[ The Chapel ]]]]]
, The Chapel has large glass windows facing Temple Sholom. Park in the first lot that is near Temple Sholom. Follow signs for the Chapel. It is located to the left of the Main Sanctuary.
[[[[[ The Family Room ]]]]], From the Sanctuary, go to the opposite side of the building from the smaller Chapel. Once through the Sanctuary, take a left. The Family Room is in the rear. From the circular driveway, go inside the main building on the left side of the driveway. Once inside the door, take an immediate right. The Family Room is in the rear.

[[[[[     Nursery School     ]]]]]

The Nursery School is located on the side of the church that is closest to Temple Sholom. It is in the far rear parking lot behind the Parish Hall. Follow the signs for the Nursery School.
Teddy Room, 1st floor, 1st room on the left
Panda Room, 1st floor, 2nd room on the left
Polar Room, 1st floor, last room on right

Koala Room, 2nd floor, 1st room on the left
Connecting Room, 2nd floor, 2nd room on left
Couch Room, 2nd floor, 1st room on right
Cub Room, 2nd floor, 2nd room on right
Rainbow Room, 2nd floor, 3rd room on right

[[[[[     Parish House     ]]]]]

This building is in the center of the main circular driveway, in the heart of the church grounds. Please park either behind the Annex or next to the chapel. The circular driveway is reserved for handicapped, pickup and drop-off, and elderly only.
Vestry Room, on right
Library, on left
2nd Floor of the Parish House/The Loft, staircases both to your left and right, behind the door.

[[[[[     Parish Hall     ]]]]]

The Parish Hall is located on the eastern side of the campus, closest to Temple Sholom. It is the large rectangular flat-roof building next to the main church building. Enter through double red doors or church thorough way.

[[[[[     Tomes-Higgins House     ]]]]]

The Tomes-Higgins House is the large historic mansion on the far western side of campus, away from Temple Sholom. This house is often mistaken as being off campus as it is not physically connected to the rest of the Church complex. Follow the large gravel driveway to the parking lot located to the right of the house.