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Samuel Andonian
Wednesday: Suzuki Rm 2

Christopher Bedoya
Tuesday: Suzuki Rm 1
Wednesday Morning: Suzuki Rm 1
Wednesday Afternoon: Library
Thursday: Suzuki Rm 1
Friday: Suzuki Rm 1
Saturday: The Youth Room

Hannah Burnett
Monday: Suzuki Rm 1 
Tuesday: Suzuki Rm 3

Melissa Devaney
Monday: Suzuki Room 1
Tuesday: The Library
Wednesday: Family Room
Thursday: Suzuki Rm 2
Saturday: The Loft

Heather Watson Hardie
Monday: Suzuki Room 1
Tuesday: The Family Room
Wednesday: Suzuki Room 1
Thursday: The Chapel

Saturday: Suzuki Room 1

Dr. Nick Hardie
Monday: Suzuki Room 3
Tuesday: The Chapel
Friday: The Chapel
Saturday: Suzuki Room 3

Katty Mayorga
Tuesday: TomesHiggins House
Wednesday: Suzuki Rm 3

Jenna Trunk
Monday: Suzuki Rm 2
Tuesday: Suzuki Rm 2

Judith Moloney
Tuesday: Suzuki Rm 2
Saturday: Suzuki Rm 2

Dr. Matthew Reichert
Tuesday: The Loft/Suzuki Rm 1
Friday: The Library

Eve Weiss
Tuesday: Tomes-Higgins House
Friday: Suzuki Room 3
Saturday: The Library



For specific lesson information, contact your teacher directly
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