G.S.A. Calendar

Greenwich Suzuki Academy
2018-2019 Calendar
all times and events are subject to change

events in red are required for all GSA families


Sept. 4, 7:30- Annual Parents’ Meeting (Chapel)

Sept. 10, 11- Rosh Hashanah, No Classes

Sept. 12- Classes Begin

Sept. 19, 20- Yom Kippur, No Classes

Sept. 23, 2:30- Back to School Solo Recital (Tomes-Higgins House)


Oct. 8- Columbus Day, Regularly Scheduled Classes

Oct. 14, 2:30- October Solo Recital (Tomes-Higgins House)

Oct. 18, 8:00- Book Club 

Oct. 30, 5:15- Spooky Suzuki Recital (Parish Hall)

Oct. 31- Halloween, No Classes


Nov. 6- Election Day, Regularly Scheduled Classes

Nov. 12- Veterans Day, Regularly Scheduled Classes

Nov. 18, 2:30- Thanksgiving Solo Recital (Tomes-Higgins House)

Nov. 21-25- Thanksgiving Recess, No Classes


Dec. 9, 2:30- December Solo Recital (Tomes-Higgins House)

Dec. 11, 4:30- Dress Rehearsal, No Regular Classes (Parish Hall)

Dec. 16, 2:00- Winter Group Concert (Parish Hall)

Dec. 21- Holiday Recess begins


Jan. 2- Classes Resume

Jan. 14-19- Makeup Week, for School and Teacher Cancellations only

Jan. 20, 2:30- January Chamber Music and Solo Recital (Tomes-Higgins House)

Jan. 21- MLK, Jr. Day, No Classes

Jan. 22- Spring Semester Begins


Feb. 2, 3:00-5:00- Play-in Party

Feb. 11- Regularly Scheduled Classes

Feb. 12-18- Winter Recess, No Classes

Feb. 18- President’s Day, No Classes

Feb. 24, 2:30- February Solo Recital (Tomes-Higgins House)


Mar. 3, 4:30-6:30 FrOGS Fundraiser & Special Concert

Mar. 18-24- Spring Recess

Mar. 31, 2:30- March Solo Recital (Tomes-Higgins House)


Apr. 15-21- Spring Recess

Apr. 28, 2:30- April Solo Recital (Tomes-Higgins House)


May 19, 2:30- May Solo Recital (Tomes-Higgins House)

May 23-27- SAA Conference/Memorial Day Weekend, No Classes

May 28, 4:30- Dress Rehearsal, No Regular Classes (Parish Hall)


June 2, 2:30- Finale Group Concert (Parish Hall)

June 4- Final Day of Regular Classes

June 5-11- Makeup Week, for School and Teacher Cancellations Only

June 9, 2:30- Chamber Music Recital (Tomes-Higgins House)