Elements of E.C.E.

The concepts of Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Every Child Can Learn: All children are able to speak their native language. This is also true with learning music. They will attain thorough mastery of one musical skill while new ones are being previewed. Confidence is always attained when a child has not been rushed, but given the time to master a skill. Just as in learning to speak, a child is never forced to give up; the same is true for music class. There is no “correct” pace for learning, as every child is unique.

Ability Develops Early: It is amazing what children can do. They learn their language very early and can accomplish many other new skills as well. Their brain is still developing and these skills will create stronger connections and give each child a strong foundation.

Environment Nurtures Growth: A nurturing and inclusive environment allows the child to grow in a positive way. In our classes we do a lot to promote listening and create a calm space where learning can best take place. Parents giving hugs and encouragement and celebrating small steps will also help create this environment. If the environment is appropriate, learning can be accomplished.

Children Learn from one Another: The power of motivation is so strong between peers! Children love to mimic each other, and to do what the “big” kids are doing. Having a mixed age group is a great way to have peer modeling, and to foster sensitivity.

Success Breeds Success: The encouragement that a child feels from a hug after a nice try is so powerful. They will be excited to try again next time. Peer encouragement is also contagious. Once a student feels success with thorough mastery of a skill they will want their classmates to feel it too.

Parental Involvement is Critical: The parent is the first and most important teacher of their child. If they are a part of any learning process it is so rewarding and helps their child achieve even more. The child’s development will only be stronger as a result of parental involvement.

Encouragement is Essential: The helpful hug and smile of a supportive parent completes the learning process. It will foster a feeling of success in the child. This feeling of accomplishment will motivate them to continue to try and learn. We all need encouragement to feel that our work is appreciated, and children are no different.